Our Finishes


Antique Finish

Antique is a soft, brown finish. It can be lightened with with brass polish or buffed off completely. It is not lacquered and is an extremely versatile finish.

Semi-Bright (unlacquered brass)

Semi Bright Finish

Brass hardware is simply brushed with mineral oil using soft wire brushes. Once it's dry, you are left with a pale yellow color from the brass with a natural satin sheen.

Bright (unlacquered brass)

Bright Finish

Also known as polished brass, our bright finish is hand polished through several steps to achieve a truly brilliant, mirror-like shine.

Satin Nickel

Satin Nickel Finish

Satin nickel is a soft, silver finish. Produced much like our semi-bright finish-the brass is first brushed with very fine wire wheels. A durable finish is applied on top. Nickel finishes take on the texture of the brass below them.

Polished Nickel

Polished Nickel

Much like bright, polished nickel parts are first buffed by hand to a mirror like shine. Then a durable nickel plating is applied to get a bright silver finish.

Light Antique

Light Antique

Light antique is a newer finish-we start with our regular antique brass and buff it gently to bring out the gold highlights. The variation in the color gives it a more natural antique appearance.

Dark Antique

Dark Antique

Our dark antique is a near black finish with a satin sheen-many companies call this finish oil-rubbed bronze. We prefer dark antique. It is also un-lacquered so if it is handled often, it will lighten up-sometimes drastically.