Clock & Box Hinges

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  • All hardware includes all fasteners needed for installation. You can order extra fasteners if required.
  • All dimensions are measured width by height.
  • Hardware is available in several different finishes. 70% of our products are ordered in the antique finish.

Specialty devices call for specialty hardware. While other makers have discontinued such products, Horton Brasses considers the reproduction and restoration needs of our customers. Clock and box hinges fall within this limited but requested scope.

Cast out of brass, clock hinges are an essential element that covers the face of a reproduction clock. Brass plates are mortised at the top and bottom, and thick pins go through the metal. Box hinges, on the other hand, are requested for their small size – a necessity for jewelry boxes and similarly-small chests. The smooth, durable design makes such hinges a requirement.

PB-405 box and clock hinge 
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View in Finish:
Antique (A)Semi-Bright (SB)Bright (B)Satin Nickel (SN)Polished Nickel (PN)Light Antique (LA)Dark Antique (DA)
$10.75 per pair
1-1/4"(w) x 1"(h)
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HDH-2 clock hinges for hood doors 
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$10.00 per pair
overall size: 11/16" x 1-5/8"
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Customer Comments and Reviews

Samuel B havesonNovember 3, 2013

Clock & Box Hinges

These are the best hinges I have ever used for the small boxes I make! Outstanding quality.

Norm ChmielewskiAugust 12, 2013

Clock & Box Hinges

True quality in brass hinges. Slot screws ok, but, I would prefer Phillips or square drive. The hinges make a nice project look even better.

Robert JustianaJanuary 27, 2013

Clock & Box Hinges

They are great, built as well as anything money can buy.

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