Furniture Trim

Secure, protect, and embellish your furniture with iron and brass trim from our store. With intricate or classic style, Horton Brasses’ furniture trim replicates timeless fixtures, placed on edges to protect corners and ends. Crafted in and sent from our factory, these beautiful, traditional brass and iron embellishments are made with a choice of four finishes.

Select the perfect subtle embellishments from mirror and clock rosettes, trunk brackets, and corners, all ideal for covering up damaged areas on furniture, adding a touch of classic style, or giving your trunk or box a better sense of sturdiness.

Made by hand in the USA.

Why Horton Brasses?

Convenience. Need something you cannot find in our catalog? Check our handy list of things we don't make and where to get them. Still can't find what you want? Contact us and we will do our best to help, and we will gladly send you to another supplier if they have what you need.

Our Crew

Terry is a native of Tennessee and has worked for us for several years. He makes our long strap hinges, H & HL's, slide bolts, and rattail hinges in addition to doing all of the custom fabrication.

Learn more about Terry and the rest of our team

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Horton Brasses produces more than 1,000 different pieces of authentic reproduction furniture and cabinet hardware at our factory in Connecticut. We use brass, iron, and various hardwoods to make knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, shelf pegs, bed bolts, casters, hooks and even clock finials!

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