Barn Door Cane Bolt

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When two doors come together without a post in the center of the opening, a cane bolt is needed. Usually the right door latches against the left door. The left door is "fixed" shut by a bolt down into the floor or ground, and/or a bolt up above.

The mounting plate is 13 1/2" long and the bolt has a 4" throw.

This bolt can be custom made in other lengths, contact Orion to discuss your particular situation.

Cane bolts are used when 2 doors close against one another. One door is fixed shut most of the time, often it is the left hand door. The wrought iron construction gives our cane bolts strength and classic, versatile style that blends into and compliments a variety of woods and other materials. Through our selection, choose from left and right cane bolts for improving the functionality of your home's or building's double doors.

HF-50L cane bolt - for the bottom of a large door 
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Plate length: 13" Throw: 4"
Black Wrought IronWhats the difference?
HF-50U cane bolt - for the top of a large door 
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Plate length: 13" Throw: 4"
Black Wrought IronWhats the difference?

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