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For years, we custom made these as the need arose. But Tom Witzig said, "Why can't you make them in a more economical way, making more at once in standard size?" Well, of course, we could. He helped us choose sizes by telling us his experiences and one of the blacksmiths developed the ability to make these quickly and for a reasonable price.

Used on 3 and 4 legged table bases, table spiders add strength and help prevent the legs from splaying. As tables age, the dovetails shrink and the legs can become more mobile than when they were first built—then the use of a spider becomes very important.

The legs of the spiders are long, so that if you wish to hammer yours to follow the inside contour of the leg, you will have plenty of length to work with. If you don't need the extra length, you can cut the leg off past the first screw hole. Raw iron finish, supplied with screws.

TS-5 is is the right size for a candlestand or a tip table, and even smaller pedestal base tables. From the center hole, the legs are 5" long and 1/4" wide at the narrowest point.

TS-6 is the right size for a large pedestal base, such as those used in large dining room tables. From the center hole, the legs are 6" long and 1/2" wide at the narrowest point.

Do you need a different size? Provide a pattern and we will make one to your specs. Contact Orion.

The New Yankee Workshop has had a number of projects with 3 legged bases over the years. While Norm uses our spiders, we aren"t sure where! Here is a list of projects that might use spiders: the Tilt Top Table (project #0508), the Candle Stand (project #110) and also Martha's Candlestand (project #0704) might use the TS-5. The Pedestal Table (project #0208), the Queen Anne Table (project #0303), and his magnificent Dining Table (project #0411) might use the TS-6.

 TS-11 table spider 
6 inch, 2-3/4" diameter center - 4 legs
 TS-10 table spider 
5 inch, 1-3/4" diameter center - 4 legs
 TS-5 table spider 
5 inch, 1-3/4" diameter center
 TS-6 table spider 
6 inch, 2-3/4" diameter center

Customer Comments and Reviews

Dennis WinnFebruary 18, 2014

Table Spiders

Beautiful hand-forged appearance, with color-matching screws. Much better than what I've made myself from sheet metal, not to mention "cost effective".

Oakley RestorationMarch 20, 2013

Table Spiders

Very nice quality and correct for my repairs to the table bases. I've always been happy with products I've purchased from Horton Brass.

Nicholas VanariaOctober 18, 2012

Table Spiders

These were high quality and historically accurate. What more can you ask for. Will definitely be buying again when my projects call for it.

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