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Cabinet Handles

bourneville luxury cabinet handles

When it comes to restoring an antique cabinet, the handles have a two-fold purpose: first, they must be comfortable to grip, as this part of the furniture will receive the most use, and second, their design must be period faithful. With high-quality construction and authentic design, Horton Brasses' reproduction cabinet hardware is essential for creating or restoring furniture. Made out of brass or iron, cabinet handles, particularly, offer an easy grip throughout years of use and blend in effectively with the period design.

Restoring antique furniture presents a significant dilemma: when the hardware is no longer intact or no longer functions, what do you do to authentically replicate the style? For cabinet handles and other hardware, Horton Brasses offers the solution. Designed with an elegant classic look or with period distinctions, our cabinet handles capture the details of the time, be it early 20th century Arts and Crafts, a late 19th century Victorian look, or an 18th century Queen Anne or Chippendale ornate style.

For restoring furniture, Horton Brasses' offers the following cabinet handles:

  • Basic Cabinet Handles
    • Have a smooth, versatile look. Handles have no corners and a neutral look, or for a distinct style, Holy Island and Hill House pulls have added details.
  • Drop Pulls
    • Are better suited to smaller cabinets. With an angular or rounded back plate, each features a loose, hanging handle in the center that is pulled out to open a door. Stirrup, teardrop, and Victorian pulls are just some of the detailed and elegant brass hardware we carry.
  • Ring Pulls
    • Are simple and ideal for smaller cabinet doors. A post or plate supports a ring, which is pulled out. Basic ring pulls are suited to practically any architectural style, while elaborate lion's head pulls hint at the ornate designs of past centuries.
  • Kitchen Appliance Pulls
    • These cabinet handles made from solid brass and are smooth and feature comfortable designs. Versatile for various purposes around the kitchen. These handles can be added to both cabinets and appliances.

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