Farmhouse Kitchens

There's no place like home.
Farmhouse Kitchen designed by Kennebec Company

Vintage accents help give a farmhouse kitchen its pleasant aura. Look for things like mason jars, apron-front sink, an old-fashioned range, bead board bins, galvanized metals and white dishes to add that extra bit of style to your farmhouse style kitchen.


Farmhouse kitchens draw their charm from various natural elements. Things like lots of natural lighting, wooden beams, hard wood floors, natural wood cabinetry to marble, butcher block and soapstone counter tops, glass and slate fuse together to create a homey and inviting atmosphere.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's no wonder that farmhouse kitchens are generally very open, comfortable and welcoming. The use of open cabinets or even glass paneled cabinets give a farmhouse kitchen an airy feel and allows for easier access.

Farmhouse Kitchen featuring wood beams and dark wood cabinets
Handles & Pulls
Cast Brass Bin Pull
cast brass bin pulls
Forged Brass Bin Pulls
forged brass bin pulls
Pantry Latches
solid brass butler pantry latches
Williamsburg Pulls
forged iron williamsburg kitchen handles
Victorian Spring Latch
Victorian style spring latch
Early Style Spring Latch
early american style spring latch
Hand Forged Grips
hand forged iron handles
Cast Brass Turnbuckle Latch
cast brass turnbuckle latch
Bakes Pulls
bakes pulls for kitchen drawers
Mini Cupboard Latch
small cupboard latch made of hand forged iron
Small Slide Bolt
forged iron cabinet slide bolt
Forged Iron Knobs
forged iron cabinet knobs
Spool Cabinet Knobs
spool brass knobs with matching back plates
Classic Knobs
classic round kitchen knobs
Cast Brass Knobs
Victorian solid brass knobs featuring ornate floral themes
Precision Butt Hinges
solid brass butt hinges
Butterfly Hinges
forged iron butterfly hinges
Rolled Barrel Butt Hinges
rolled barrel butt hinges
Rat-Tail Hinges
forged iron rat tail hinges
Iron H & HL Hinges
hand forged H & HL style hinges
Iron Butt Hinges
forged iron cabinet butt hinges
Saine Cabinetry designed this farmhouse kitchen featuring open spaces rustic wood cabinetry.