Iron Hardware

Simple, striking, and study – that's how every piece of iron hardware from Horton Brasses is designed. The dark appearance and angular look of wrought iron door hardware hints at an earlier time in American history when brass hardware could not be made in the colonies. Doors, cabinets, and furniture from or replicating this period in time benefit from hand-forged, or wrought, iron hardware created by Horton Brasses. If you are creating such a piece or restoring one from centuries ago, you will find Horton Brasses' wrought iron door hardware not only mimics the appearance but retains the durable and dependable design.

All of our authentic and original iron hardware is forged by hand and captures period details. Find such designs with our elegant strap hinges, thinned iron snipe hinges, various hook shapes, or heart, ball and spear, or bean grip ends. Our smiths, additionally, do not stick with a group of design templates. If you have a particular design for hardware in mind, contact us about creating custom work.

Parts for doors, cabinets, drawers, dressers, trunks, and furniture can be forged from iron. As you browse through our store, you will find that our smiths create grips, pulls, chest lifts, hinges in various shapes, fasteners, knobs, and parts from hand-forged, or wrought, iron. Our wrought iron door hardware is excellent for restoring period furniture, cabinets, or doors or can complement and enhance contemporary pieces.

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