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1860-1895. The Victorian era took the decorative arts by storm. Characterized by intense ornamentation, the furniture along with its hardware is unique and has a special place in history. It was the first furniture to be truly mass produced and that process was not entirely successful. Some Victorian antiques held up well, but others, well didn't withstand the test of time. The hardware designs, while decorative and curious, failed frequently. The brass was too thin, the internal parts were not reinforced and collapsed or crushed with use. Our designs duplicate the originals for the most part, but we have tried to make improvements. We choose not to reproduce hardware designs that were fatally flawed and use thicker materials and reinforced designs to provide you with Victorian hardware that will last.

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Horton Brasses produces more than 1,000 different pieces of authentic reproduction furniture and cabinet hardware at our factory in Connecticut. We use brass, iron, and various hardwoods to make knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, shelf pegs, bed bolts, casters, hooks and even clock finials!

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