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Furniture Hardware: Handles & Pulls (158 items)

Furniture Hardware

Authentic early American reproductions in many styles and many finishes, from traditional polished brass, to oil rubbed, and even custom satin and polished nickel.  Since 1936 we have been manufacturing true reproduction hardware in our Connecticut factory.  No distributors, no middlemen, we make it right here and ship it directly to you.


Furniture Hardware: Knobs (48 items)

Furniture Hardware: Latches & Catches (12 items)

Furniture Hardware: Hinges (33 items)

Furniture Hardware: Casters (7 items)

Furniture Hardware: Table Hardware (7 items)

Furniture Hardware: Locks (35 items)

Furniture Hardware: Keyhole Escutcheons (28 items)

Furniture Hardware: Furniture Trim (12 items)

Furniture Hardware: Parts (12 items)

Furniture Hardware: Nails, Brads, Tacks, & Screws (8 items)

Furniture Hardware: Leg Caps (1 item)

Why Horton Brasses?

Convenience. Made a mistake in measuring? Have a change in plans? No problem! Hardware is returnable for a refund or exchange, as you wish. If we made a mistake, we will correct it immediately, just give us a call and let us know. Change your mind? There are only two charges we do not refund: The Bright charge is a labor charge and cannot be refunded. Shipping is also not refunded.

Our Crew

Addie enters and checks orders too, but her primary job is invoicing every order and processing every package. On busy days, she and Mary work together in shipping.

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Horton Brasses produces more than 1,000 different pieces of authentic reproduction furniture and cabinet hardware at our factory in Connecticut. We use brass, iron, and various hardwoods to make knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, shelf pegs, bed bolts, casters, hooks and even clock finials!

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