Transitional Kitchens

The new classics.
Transitional Kitchen designed by Kennebec Company

Transitional designs feature lots of natural resources around the kitchen. From the simple, paneled wood cabinets to the granite, marble or even limestone counter tops. These elements create a clean, natural feel that flows well throughout your kitchen.


By utilizing elements of traditional design and blending it with contemporary, transitional kitchens create a bridge between the old and the new. This new design creates a perfect balance and past and present.


Transitional kitchens tend to stick towards neutral colors to add an extra warmth to the space. Although it is common to add a touch of embellishments with textured elements such as back splashes or molding for that extra style.

Transitional Kitchen featuring contrasting woods and white panel cabinets
Handles & Pulls
Pantry Latches
Solid brass pantry latches
Bin Pulls
forged brass bin pulls
Bourneville Pulls
Transitional bourneville drawer pulls
Bakes Pulls
solid brass bakes pulls
Bourneville Knobs
bourneville knobs made from solid brass
Bakes Knobs
matching bakes pulls knob
Classic Knobs
classic kitchen knobs
Elegant Round Knobs
elegant round kitchen hardware
Precision Butt Hinges
precisions butt hinges
Non-Mortised Hinges
non mortise hinges
Rolled Barrel Butt Hinges
rolled barrel butt hinges
Brass H-Hinges
solid brass h-hinges
Kennebec Company designed this Transitional kitchen featuring open spaces and warm, neutral tones.