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Our Crew

Horton Brasses is the sum of the people that work here. We are a very fortunate company, as we have the efforts of some wonderful and different people. Each person has their own specialty, but everyone basically does what needs to be done. With such a small crew, it is important that each of us can do many different jobs, so orders go out without delay. We take pleasure and pride in turning raw brass into objects of beauty.

Amy Rand

Amy Rand is yet another employee with more than 15 years at the Brassco. If you've ever called us on the phone, you've probably spoken to Amy. She also enters orders, processes returns, answers emails, and waits on customers. She is very knowledgeable about hardware and goes the extra mile to help customers find what they need even if we don't make it! Amy's good nature keeps everyone in the office smiling.

Mary Hayes

And then there is Mary Hayes: the world's finest shipper. Mary and I joined the Brassco team the same month, March 1990. Everyone in the building gravitates to Mary. Her infectious laughter floats throughout the factory and the office. Mary ships between 40-75 orders a day with amazing accuracy, and little help. It is due to Mary, the office, and the entire finishing staff that our policy of shipping all orders in a day or two is possible.

Molly and George

Molly and George have their home and forge in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. True homesteaders, they have built their house beyond the reach of electric and phone utilities. So they do indeed forge in the traditional manner, with coal, muscle, and hand-operated blowers. Molly and George make our latch sets, grips, and butterfly hinges.

Terry Cutshaw

Terry is a native of Tennessee and has worked for us for several years. He makes our long strap hinges, H & HL's, slide bolts, and rat-tail hinges in addition to doing all of the custom fabrication. His shop is in the back yard, and this works very well for his family. He can pick his daughter up after school and participate in school activities.

Addy Clark

Addy enters and checks orders too, but her primary job is invoicing every order and processing every package through either FedEx, UPS, or the US Postal Service. On busy days, she and Mary work together in shipping.

Steve Hayward

Steve began his Brassco career as our maintenance man, a job he loved. But the broad nature of his many talents became obvious and he has been our shop foreman for the last 14 years. Steve's strengths are many. He does an outstanding job of pulling people, machinery, and the needs of the company together. The result is a comprehensive inventory, a factory with the ability to turn on a dime, and two on-demand finishing departments. Steve is a strong believer in cross-training, and has made the flexible factory concept a reality so we can meet sudden and urgent customer needs.

Steve Mcgrath

Steve Mcgrath is our maintenance man. Since 1994 he's kept this old building and our old machinery going. Steve's duties range from snow removal in the winter, to gardening in the summer, to machine repair and janitorial jobs. Steve is flexible and is the person to call for special projects and tasks. outside of work, Steve's life is full with an active family an and active band. Steve plays guitar and sings with Mixed Signals.

Orion Henderson

I am Orion Henderson. I joined Horton Brasses in 2001 and am the 4th generation Horton. I bought Horton Brasses in January of 2007. Many of you have gotten to know me over the last few years, and hopefully we will get to konw each other better over the next couple of decades. If you ever need to speak to me, just call or e-mail me, no voice mail, no runaround. I would love to hear from you.

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