Classic Kitchen Knob Knobs

Classic Round Brass Kitchen Knobs

Our classic kitchen knobs are timeless. Twig, turtle, and starfish knobs are great in their place, and these classic shapes are a pleasure to live with year in and year out. Made of solid brass and hand finished one at a time, each is a pleasure to see and use. Available in 3 sizes, with the K-12 1-1/4" being our best selling knob. Both the 1-1/4" and the 1" are common kitchen sizes and are available in all 7 finishes.

Kitchen knobs are provided with screws for 3/4" thick wood. Let us know if your wood is thicker or thinner so we can provide the right screw. Just mention it in the special instructions field as you place your order.

Finding the right amount of blending between the kitchen knob and your furniture, door, or cabinets is possible through a choice of seven finishes, including light, antique, dark and bright. The smooth, elegant style is more than an attractive fixture. For regular, long-term use, the firm rounded surface offers a comfortable grip.

Finished by hand in the USA.

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BP-14 Back Plate for K-12
$3.75 - $8.00
K-12 3/4" Classic Kitchen Knob
$7.97 - $9.56
K-12 1" Classic Kitchen Knob
$8.97 - $10.44
K-12 1-1/4" Classic Kitchen Knob
$11.97 - $15.77
Products 1 - 4 of 4