Brass H Hinges

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  • Not sure what type of hinge you need? Read about the types of hinges we sell, and what it takes to make a quality hinge.
  • All hardware includes all fasteners needed for installation. You can order extra fasteners if required.
  • All dimensions are measured width by height.
  • Hardware is available in several different finishes. 70% of our products are ordered in the antique finish.

Exquisite cast brass H hinge in four sizes for flush mounted doors. You find H hinges most often on corner cupboards and entertainment centers. They are the easiest type of hinge to install on flush mount doors. Learn how to use them on our blogThey look fantastic in a kitchen but are rarely used there due to their high cost. Beautifully forged and machined for well fitted knuckles.

HH-2 brass H hinge 
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Antique (A)Semi-Bright (SB)Bright (B)Light Antique (LA)Dark Antique (DA)
$39.50 per pair
Whats the difference?
$46.50 per pair
Whats the difference?
$56.50 per pair
Whats the difference?
$64.00 per pair
Whats the difference?

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