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Remodeling and Home Design


Ged Kennett Hardware

Horton Brasses is proud to offer this new line of Ged Kennett handmade products! Over the last 15 years Ged has been working to refine traditional blacksmithing and metalworking techniques in order to make high quality, beautifully finished furniture fittings. Ged works in stainless steel and brass; producing a variety of finishes and textures.

Available in all of our finishes as well as theirs, with all items being MADE TO ORDER.

Call, text, or email us for a quote.

Phone: 860-635-4400
Text: 860-300-2494
Email: sales@horton-brasses.com

BK-30, BK-40

Available Textures: 
BNB-12-50, BNB-12-150,
BNB-12-250, BNB-12-350

BNB-15-50, BNB-15-150,
BNB-15-250, BNB-15-350
CHT Handle:
CHT-12-100, CHT-12-150, CHT-12-200

CHT Round Knob:
CHT-R30, CHT-R40

CHT Square Knob:
CHT-S30, CHT-S40
CNB-12-48 - T-BAR
CNB-12-190 - HANDLE
CNB-12-300 - HANDLE

CNB-16-48 - T-BAR
CNB-16-198 - HANDLE
CNB-16-300 - HANDLE
Square Knobs:
CPT-S25, CPT-S40, CPT-S50

CPT-80-40, CPT-180-40

CPTS Handle:

Round Knobs:
CPT-R30, CPT-R40
CPTH-20-50, CPTH-20-100,
CPTH-20-150, CPTH-20-200
DTP-R (Round)
DTP-RTG (Rectangular)
DTP-S (Square)
FGD12 Handle:
FGD-12-150, FGD-12-250

FGD20 Handle:
FGD-20-120, FGD-20-200
FGH-20-120, FGH-20-200
FGK Round Knobs:
FGK-R30, FGK-R40

FGK Square Knob:
FGK-S30, FGK-S40
FGKSE Round Knobs:

FGKSE Square Knob:
FHT Handles:
FHT-10-150, FHT-10-250, FHT-10-350
FHT-25-150, FHT-25-250

FHT Square Knobs:
FHT-S30, FHT-S40, FHT-S60

FHT Round Knobs:
FHT-R30, FHT-R40
Flamed Handles:
FLM-15-100, FLM-15-200, FLM-15-300
FLM-20-100, FLM-20-200, FLM-20-300

Flamed Square Knobs:
FLM-S30, FLM-S40

Flamed Round Knobs:
FLM-R30, FLM-R40
FP Round Handles:
FPR-12-150, FPR-12-250, FPR-12-350

FP Square Handles:
FPS-12-150, FPS-12-250, FPS-12-350
HT Handles:
HT-12-100, HT-12-150, HT-12-200

HT Square Knobs:
HT-S30, HT-S40

HT Round Knobs:
HT-R30, HT-R40
JT Handles:
JT-30-120, JT-30-250

JT Knob:
PP Bar Handles:
PP-12-150, PP-12-250, PP-12-350
PPD Handles:
PPD-12-150, PPD-12-250, PPD-12-350

PPD 20 Handles:
PPD-20-120, PPD-20-200
PPK Round Knobs:
PPK-R30, PPK-R40

PPK Square Knobs:
PPK-S30, PPK-S40
PRIP Handles:
PRIP-40, PRIP-50
PTF Handles:
PTF-20-120, PTF-20-200

PTF Square Knobs:
PTF-S30, PTF-S40

PTF Round Knobs:
PTF-R30, PTF-R40
PTH Handle:

PTH Square Knobs:
PTH-S30, PTH-S40, PTH-S50

PTH Round Knobs:
PTH-R30, PTH-R40
PTHAR Handles:
PTHAR-150, PTHAR-250

RAR 20x10 Handles:
RAR20-10-80, RAR20-10-100
RAR20-10-120, RAR20-10-150

RAR 20x20 Handles:
RAR20-20-80, RAR20-20-100
RAR20-20-120, RAR20-20-150

Available in these textures:
Forged, PP/RP, RBT,
PTH/TOP (*Not Available in Stainless)
RASC 20x10 Handles:
RASC20-10-80, RASC20-10-100
RASC-20-10-120, RASC20-10-150

RASC 20x20 Handles:
RASC20-20-80, RASC20-20-100
RASC20-20-120, RASC20-20-150

Available in these textures:
Forged, PP/RP,
PTH/TOP, and RBT (*Not available in Stainless)
RBT 20 Handles:
RBT-20-150, RBT-20-250, RBT-20-350

RBT Square Knobs:
RBT-S30, RBT-S40

RBT Round Knobs:
RBT-R40 , RBT-R50
RH Handles:
RH-150, RH-175, RH-200
RH-225, RH-250, RH-275

Available in these textures:
RP Handles:
RP-12-150, RP-12-250, RP-12-350
RP-20-100, RP-20-200, RP-20-300

RP Square Knobs:
RP-S30, RP-S40

RP Round Knobs:
RP-R30, RP-R40
SC Handles:
SC-150, SC-175, SC-200
SC-225, SC-250, SC-275

Available in these textures:
Forged and PP/RP - ALL finishes
PTH/TOP - NO Stainless
PTF - Stainless ONLY
Sculpted Handles:
SCP-12-150, SCP-12-250, SCP-12-350
SSH Handles:
SSH-150, SSH-200, SSH-250
TOP Handle:

TOP Square Knobs:
TOP-S30, TOP-S40, TOP-S50

TOP Round Knobs:
TOP-R30, TOP-R40
Wave Bar Handle:
WAVE-12-150, WAVE-12-250, WAVE-12-350
WHT Handles:
WHT-10-150, WHT-10-250, WHT-10-350
WHT-12-150, WHT-12-250, WHT-12-350

WHT-DE Handles:
WHT-DE-10-150, WHT-DE-10-250, WHT-DE-10-350
WHT-DE-12-150, WHT-DE-12-250, WHT-DE-12-350

WHT-SE Handles:
WHT-SE-10-150, WHT-SE-10-250, WHT-SE-10-350
WHT-SE-12-150, WHT-SE-12-250, WHT-SE-12-350
Wing Pull:
Round Backplates:
BP-R40, BP-R50

Square Backplates:
BP-S40, BP-S50