Kitchen Hardware

The kitchen is the heart of the home. We cook, eat, laugh, and live in our kitchens. Shouldn't yours be beautiful? Our kitchen hardware is some of the best in the world at any price.
The Bakes Suite

BB-1, BB-2, BB-3, BB-4
BB-5, BBK-1, BBK-2, BBK-3

The Bourneville Suite

BV-APP, BV-1, BV-2,
BVK-1, BVK-2

The Jefferson Suite

JP-1, JP-2, JP-3, JP-4,
JP-APP, JK-1, JK-2

The Queslett Suite

Q-40, Q-96, Q-203, QK-1,
QK-1R, QK-2, QK-3, QK-R

Saturn Knob


Hand Cast Brass Knobs

K-16, K-15, K-14

Mackintosh Handles & Pulls

AD-32, AD-33, AD-34

Pewter Knobs
PK-13, PK-14

VK-1, VK-3, VK-5, VK-6, VK-7,
VK-8, VK-9, VK-10, VK-11, VK-12,
VK-13, VK-14, VK-15, VK-16,
VK-17, VK-18

BLC-96, BLC-192, BLP-7, BLP-6, BLP-5,
BLP-4, BLP-3, BLP-2, BLP-1,

WBGR-2, WBGR-3, WBG-12,
WBG-6, WBG-8, WBK-1

OP-1, OP-2

RP-3, RP-4, RP-5, RP-6


Burbridge, Heritage, Conway, Hexad,
Rio, Boffi, Haute, Bellagio, Jazz,
Wright Perla, Alhambra, Monaco

Non-Mortise, Precision Butt,
Rolled Barrel Hinges