HF-9 Heart Cupboard Strap Hinge
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HF-9 6" Heart Cupboard Strap Hinge

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There are 3 things to know when purchasing these hinges.

  1. These hinges are sold per pair (2 individual hinges).
  2. We supply all fasteners required for installation.
  3. These hinges can be customized to your needs.


  • Length: 6"
  • Width: 2-1/2" wide plate
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HF-9 6" Heart Pattern Cupboard Strap Hinge

Small straps like these are designed for cupboard and cabinet doors. The butts can be jamb mounted or surface mounted. Screws are included for both methods of installation. Choose strap length and pattern.

Which length to choose? Measure the width of the cabinet door first. Use 6" long straps on cabinet doors that are 10"-15" wide and the 8" for cabinet doors up to 20" wide. Factor in the height of the cabinet door also, of course if it is very tall, you may want to use an 8" even if the door is narrow. They are strong hinges, made of 1/8" thick material and each strap is 1" wide. If you have closet doors or other interior doors, consider our longer straps before making a final decision.

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