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Dedication, aspiration, and flawless perfection...

Since 1995 Ged has been metalworking, and he started his business in 1997, just two years later. He started making commission works: fine hand forged domestic ironwork. From there, he discovered a need for beautifully designed and crafted cabinet fittings. This need persuaded him to concentrate in this area. Taking steps to move forward, his business grew into two workshops with two full-time assistants. In 2009, he formed Contemporary Metals Ltd.

Traditional Hardware: Redefined

Over the last 15 years, Ged has been working to refine traditional blacksmithing and metalworking techniques in order to make high quality, beautifully finished furniture fittings. Ged has taken procedures which would normally be used to make iron gates and railings and has honed them until they can create metalwork that will enhance the finest furniture and interiors.

Ged Kennett: True Craftsman

Ged Kennett works on a small country estate in Nettlecombe, located in south west England. Ged and his skilled team of local metalworkers produce the finest quality fittings both in terms of design and manufacture. From knobs and handles to appliance pulls, Ged Kennett does it all. Each fitting is hand made and hand finished; variation in color, texture, and dimension are part of their character.

Ged works in both brass and stainless steel, producing a variety of finishes. When working with brass, Ged uses a traditional patinating process to create three different finishes: Natural Brass, Antique Brass, and Bronze. These are known as 'living finishes' as they will continue to patinate and polish over time and use.

For stainless steel handles, he uses different techniques to attain three levels of finish: matt, semi-gloss, and full gloss. For the full-gloss, Ged uses a seven stage polishing system of the finest Swedish compounds, culminating with a very special, super high gloss polish applied with the softest 'swans' down' mops. This produces a beautiful polish of the highest quality.

A story that began as a one man show quickly became a team of metalworkers and craftsmen aspiring to produce flawless hardware. As a team, Ged and his assistants are dedicated to producing the finest quality fittings, both in terms of design and manufacture. They constantly strive to improve their techniques of forming and finishing metal, aspiring to produce flawless perfection.

It's easy to overlook the fact that their work employs the techniques of blacksmiths, processes which are traditionally used to produce much larger rougher work. Ged has refined these techniques, making his own special hammers and tools where necessary and has taught himself and his assistants how to use engineering equipment to ensure that not only are the handles beautiful, they are also accurate.

Aspiring Accuracy through Tradition