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Hand Forged Pintle Strap Hinges

Jamb pintles are the strongest pintles and generally used in most situations. The plate of a jamb pintle is mortised into the door frame (jamb) like any butt hinge. It is attached with long screws. Both the mortise and the screws provide excellent strength and holding power. We stock three sizes, one for each of the stock straps. Other sizes can be special ordered.

Driven pintles are the method of choice if you are mounting into brick, stone or cement. In existing masonry, a long hole is drilled to accommodate the spike and the spike is cemented into place. Historically, driven pintles were also used in wood. This method is very difficult and driving pintles into wood should only be done by a seasoned professional. We stock 1/2" diameter driven pintles.

Surface pintles are for unusual situations like shutters, and are always made to order. Call us to discuss your requirements.

We make custom pintles and straps in many configurations. Feel free to call Orion at 800-754-9127 or email him to discuss your situation. Custom work and special order items generally take 4-6 weeks. It is always wise to call well in advance of your estimated completion date.

Stock Pintle Strap Hinges

We try to keep straps on hand in 4 lengths, 3 widths, 3 patterns, and 2 thicknesses. That is a lot of stock. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try , we run out. If we are out of stock iron, the wait is usually less than 4 weeks. Special lengths, ends, or pintle sizes can be made up, call us so we can discuss your preferences.

How long should my straps be? Approximately 2/3 the width of he door you are hanging.

How many should I use? Most doors need only 2. Very large doors sometimes use 3. See HF-42 and HF-43 if you have very large doors.