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Installing Hand Forged Latch Sets

Regular Installation:

Stand on the grip side of the door. If the door swings away from you, then your installation is a 'regular' one.

Regular Installation

Reverse Bevel Installation:

Stand on the grip side of the door. If the door swings towards you, then your installation will be a 'reverse bevel' installation.

Reverse Bevel Installation

General Instructions For Either Style Of Latch Set:

  1. Position latch on door and mark where thumb piece will go.
  2. Drill hole for thumb piece and elongate, making a vertical slot.
  3. Fasten latch to door, with only one screw in top and one in bottom.
  4. Position bar on top of thumb piece, with bar extended beyond door, approx. 3/8" or enough length to clear casing and to drop bar into where catch will be.
  5. Fasten keeper over bar with the bar resting on bottom of keeper.
  6. Close the door and make a mark where the bottom of the bar is on the jamb.
  7. Use this mark to position catch on the jamb. Note, the mark on the door should line up with the slope of the catch. If you push the door closed, the bottom of the bar should connect with the slope, and 'ride' up and into the catch. Positioning the catch too high will mean that the door will slam into the catch and not close.
  8. Catch installation:
    • For HF-14: Mortise area for catch so it will be flush with the jamb. Catch shown in drawing above is for HF-14 or for NF-2 or NF-6.
    • For HF-17: Drive catch into the frame so that bar will align with positioning mark. Drill for screw in bottom of catch and fasten. Note that the HF-17 or NF-1 catch is not shown above.
    • In the case of a reverse bevel installation, mortise the rectangular shape into the door stop. Cut out behind the catch so the bar will have some clearance. Reverse bevel catch is the same for either HF-14 or HF-17 or Norfolk latches.
  9. Raise the lift to check up and down action of the bar. Bar must lift high enough to lift out of catch to unlatch. If the bar does not lift high enough, then elongate top of slot for more travel.
  10. Fasten remaining screws for grip.