PB-405 Box & Clock Hinges

There are 3 things to know when purchasing these hinges.

  1. These hinges are sold per pair (2 individual hinges).
  2. They are supplied with matching finished #5-1/2" brass screws.
  3. These hinges are sized to fit 1/2" thick cabinet doors.


  • Width: 1-1/4" when open
  • Height: 1"
  • Thickness: 3/32"
Price Range:   $14.97
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Antique (A) 
Light Antique (LA) 
Dark Antique (DA) 
Semi-Bright (SB) 
Bright (B) 
Satin Nickel (SN) 
Polished Nickel (PN) 
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Specialty devices call for specialty hardware. While other makers have discontinued such products, Horton Brasses considers the reproduction and restoration needs of our customers. Clock and small box hinges fall within this limited but requested scope.

Made of solid brass, small box hinges are requested for their small size-a necessity for jewelry boxes and similarly small chests. The smooth, durable design makes such hinges a requirement. These small butt hinges are sold per pair and come with all necessary fasteners.

 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 34 Customer Reviews  
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   My new go-to hinge, January 5, 2020  By Michael Pettus (Oxford, AL)(Verified)
These hinges are great! super solid and top quality! Much better value than those other solid brass offerings. Now if I could convince you guys to make a stop hinge I wouldn't have to use those other guys any more...lol. Buy these hinges, you won't regret it.
   Horton Brass Hinges, July 10, 2019  By Anonymous (Baltimore, MD)(Verified)
These are very nice hinges, well constructed and beautifully finished, this is a very nice compliment to my piece. They are more affordable then other high end hinges, but there is no compromise in the quality. I would highly recommend these to anyone needing quality made hinges for their project.
   Perfect, June 18, 2019  By Anonymous (Verified)
Awesome hinges-great value.
   Woodworker, May 1, 2019  By Anonymous (Alpharetta, GA)
After buying hinges in a local store and some that looked good online I purchased these hinges from Horton Brasses. I wish I had done it earlier! The quality far surpasses what I got from either of my first two tries and gave my project the luxury accent that it really needed. This is where I will be buying all my hinges in the future!
   Best hinges, April 23, 2019  By Danny (Las vegas, NV)(Verified)
I’ve ordered many hinges on the internet but have been mostly disappointed with those cheapies. The hinges from Horton Brassies are just great. They’re a lot thicker than other hinges readily available in big box stores or on amazon. When installed properly, they perform as well as the more expensive Brusso hinges.....and at a lower price. If you’re a woodworker who takes pride in your work, these hinges will make you pleasantly surprised.
   Brass Hinges, March 26, 2019  By Anonymous (Bryant, AR)(Verified)
Very well made, a great product.
   Nice hinges for small boxes, February 23, 2019  By Anonymous (Houston, TX)(Verified)
Really good quality hinges as usual from Horton Brass. Nothing to complain about, overall very pleased and satisfied.
   Awesome hinges for small boxes, February 23, 2019  By Anonymous (Houston, TX)(Verified)
Really good quality hinges as usual from Horton Brass. Nothing to complain about, overall very pleased and satisfied.
   Very well made!, February 21, 2019  By Carl (CO)(Verified)
Excellent finish and overall quality. This is a top-shelf product. Makes a national hardware brand look lightweight and flimsy. The price does hurt, however.
   Great hinges, October 11, 2018  By Jack (Verified)
Beautiful hinges.
   Finish options a bonus!, July 23, 2018  By Matthew X Curry (Bainbridge Island, CA)
Not only are these solid AND come with screws but I know no other source with several and fine finish options. Kudos!
   Very pleased!, July 22, 2018  By Matthew X. Curry (Bainbridge Island, WA)
First and very happy experience with Horton Brasses, a suggestion from another maker who visited my studio recently! Solid, nice balance of heft and smaller size AND complete with screws although I switched to slightly smaller and Phillips head style on the first box. I'm sold! ~ MXCDesign.com
   Box hinges, May 14, 2018  By Marvin (Penland, NC)
These hinges were just....excellent. I was using another brand...twice the price, a little afraid to change so much time put into work you don't want to use lesser quality. These were every bit as good for my jewelry box. The only thing I would love to have are a stop hinge, instead of opening all the way. Great product, I am a very pleased customer.
   The Best, March 27, 2018  By David (Sandy, OR)(Verified)
These are very high quality, solid brass hinges. They don't get any better than this!
   Great product and great staff, November 17, 2017  By Anonymous (Fair Oaks Ranch, TX)(Verified)
These hinges were perfect for the wedding card box I made for my daughter’s wedding. I was fast approaching my deadline looking for just the right hardware. Then I found Horton Brasses. The staff I spoke with went out of her way to help me get what I needed as fast as possible.
   PRECISION, July 30, 2017  By DOUGLAS MOULDER (ELYRIA, OH)(Verified)
I've used these hinges before, and will continue to in the future-excellent quality and finish.
   Great Buy, April 13, 2017  By James Pugh (La Mesa, NM)(Verified)
These come in bright and antique and I bought both kinds. If you can tell these from Brusso you have better eyes than me. The finish and thickness are perfect and even the screws are highest quality. This is the only place I'll shop from now on
   Great Hinges!!!, February 22, 2017  By Ryan McKirchy (Davie, FL)(Verified)
These hinges are fantastic! They're super sturdy, great quality, and most importantly affordable! The antique finish I got is beautiful and is exactly what I was looking for. I'm definitely going to be purchasing these again.
   PB-405, February 21, 2017  By Don Seguin (Verified)
These hinges where perfect for building my little Jewellery boxes . The hinges are of high quality and well made. Great product.
   Great hinges, October 17, 2016  By Anonymous (Malabar, FL)(Verified)
I've always bought my hinges from Horton and while they cost more than the hinges you might get at the local box stores, they are of much higher quality. I use them on wood boxes and never have to worry about play in them. the only problem I've ever had was a foreign substance that somehow got in the bag during shipping and led to the antique finish being discolored. I suspect it was the shipping company so I never said anything.
   Great stuff, June 28, 2016  By Ron Michaelsen (Manteca, CA)
Excellent quality hinges!
   Superb quality and value, February 22, 2016  By Ray (Colorado Springs, CO)
I selected these small hinges for the value they represent. The fit and finish is top of the line. I highly recommend them.
   Best Reproduction Brass Hardware, December 21, 2015  By James Munsie (Grawn, MI)
When requiring brass hardware or iron hardware for any of my period cabinet work, I always turn to Horton Brasses. Fit, finish and service can't be beat.
   Well Worth it, December 1, 2015  By Ben (Bonney Lake, WA)
Excellent quality and value for the product.
Keep up the good work.
   Best Brass Hinge Available, October 13, 2015  By Anonymous (Columbia, SC)
I am completely impressed with the quality of these hinges. They fit as advertised, the finish is exactly what is described, and most importantly, you get a very beefy and sturdy solid hinge with no slop or play in it for a very good value. If I had to change one thing, I would like to see the hinges coated with a thin layer of lacquer or protective finish just to preserve the look a little better. Will most certainly purchase again, my go to for solid brass hinges.
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