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Measuring Boring Size and Installation

Guide to measuring drawer boring size

Measuring Boring

Properly measuring boring size can be tricky if you aren't sure where to measure from. If you're new to drawer pulls and aren't really sure how to measure or install any of our pulls, or even if you aren't quite sure which size to get, then we have you covered!

The boring is the distance between the two post holes on a drawer. This distance is measured from the center of one hole to the center of the other hole. Careful measurement is important. If you are replacing existing hardware, measure the boring and then select the replacement hardware that is available in that boring. You can use our boring chart to quickly see what hardware we have in that available size.

We try to give you as much information possible when selecting the proper size for your drawers. All of our overall dimensions are provided for all of our products. The first measurement given is always the horizontal dimension (width), and the second measurement is always the vertical dimension (height). Please feel free to call us if you need additional information. Actual size line drawings are available for all our hardware.

Installation of Bails and Drawer Pulls

When installing our any of our Chippendale bail pulls or Rosette pulls we give you two options for installation. The traditional Post and Nut fitting and the Machine Screw fitting. It's all a matter of preference or if you're trying to stay true to period reproductions. Here's the difference between the two installation types.

Machine Screw Fitting

Machine Screw Fitting Brass Post

With a machine screw post, you will not have a nut and post on the inside of a drawer. Machine screw fittings will come with machine screws with enough length to cover a 3/4" thick wood. Occasionally furniture drawers have thicker or thinner woods, if that's the case with your drawers, please tell us in the special instructions field during ordering and we'll provide you with shorter or longer machine screws.

Post and Nut Fitting

Post and Nut Fitting Brass Post

A Post and Nut fitting is a very traditional way to mount drawer pulls. If your furniture is an antique, or you want it to look that way, you should consider using a post and nut. The post itself measures 1-1/4" long. For most drawers that are 3/4" thick, you will have an excess protruding from the back of your drawer. However if you wood thickness is bigger than 3/4" than you will have to counter bore or cut the excess length off the post once installed to get an ideal fit.