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The Essential Kitchen Hardware Pieces

cabinet knobThe kitchen is the center of our homes: it's where we meet, eat, live, and breathe. Great kitchens deserve great hardware, and a variety of pieces are available.

Here are the essential kitchen hardware pieces:

  • Classic Kitchen Knobs – Twig, turtle and starfish knobs are classic shapes that are a pleasure to live with. They can be made from solid brass, are hand finished, and are available in a variety of sizes. Choose the right blending between the kitchen knobs and your furniture, door, or cabinets with light, antique, dark, or bright finish and choose a firm, rounded surface for a comfortable grip.
  • Kitchen Pulls – Pulls are attached to the front face of a drawer and come in designs like a horseshoe with a handle on a hinge system. They are placed on the front of cabinets or drawers, and pulled open to reveal the contents.
  • Hinges – A variety of hinges can be used on your kitchen cupboards and doors, from brass to butterfly, strap, and butt hinges. They are made from brass and iron and are available in a variety of sizes.
  • cabinet knobCabinet Latches – Latches that encompass a variety of period looks can restore the antique look of your kitchen. Choose from rounded turnbuckle cabinet latches or ornate Victorian presentations. They can be made of brass for durability that lasts for years of use with light, dark, bright, or antique-style finishes.
  • Cabinet Lighting – Cabinet lighting increases the aesthetic value, sets the right mood, and provides necessary lighting for your kitchen work. A variety of cabinet lighting is available from LED to halogen lights and fluorescent lighting. Xenon bulbs are an incandescent light source with a hint of xenon gas that emits a warm, pleasing light.

drawer pullThese essential kitchen hardware pieces make a big difference in the overall look. Take time to choose the best kitchen hardware items to suit your needs. Remember, style and fashion are important, but so are functionality and ease of use.

You can find kitchen hardware items online at a variety of sites, including some that provide authentic hardware items that are ideal for antique kitchens. You'll find everything from bin pulls to elegant round knobs that will improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Also, consider cost when you're selecting kitchen hardware items. They range from as little as one dollar a piece to more than $300, so look online for the best prices and make your selections carefully.