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How to Select Knobs for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets rarely come with knobs, so homeowners must choose a style and finish that works with the space and has a big effect on the functionality and look of your kitchen.

Today, you can find kitchen cabinet knobs in thousands of different styles and finishes at a range of prices. Here are some tips on how to select knobs for your kitchen cabinets:

  • Choose knobs for the style of your kitchen: Contemporary kitchens look best with streamlined pulls. Pewter or chrome, bronze, nickel and brass are best for wood cabinets. You can match the shapes of your knobs to elements in your kitchen décor. Teapot and teacup knobs work well in a country kitchen, and vegetable-shaped knobs for a garden-themed kitchen.
  • Match knobs to the materials used in your kitchen, including granite or marble knobs for granite or marble countertops. And you can purchase knobs in the same metal and finish as your kitchen, such as stainless steel and copper. Wood knobs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to match contemporary and reproduction fixtures. They can be stained or painted.
  • Select your knobs to match the era-theme of your kitchen, such as pewter, ceramic, or rustic wood knobs for a vintage kitchen and porcelain or glass knobs for a Victorian-era kitchen. Victorian-style kitchens feature wood and brass knobs that can be intricately designed with a choice of bright, light, dark, or antique finish.
  • Speaking of glass knobs, they are a stylish choice that injects a bit of glamour into the kitchen.
  • Select the right material for your kitchen cabinet knobs: Once you've chosen the style, select the material for your knobs, from glass to polished brass, steel, chrome, or wood.
  • Purchase knobs that feel good to the touch, since you'll be pulling them frequently. If a knob feels rough or uncomfortable, find knobs with a smoother or sturdier feel.
  • Know your budget: The typical kitchen has 20 to 40 knobs and pulls. It won't require a makeover for 10 or more years, so it's wise to purchase high quality knobs that will endure.

Knobs are available online from a number of sites, including sites that offer vintage hardware. They provide smooth or intricate knobs, finished by hand that offer comfortable grips with smooth surfaces in several shapes, finishes and sizes in brass, forged iron, pewter, and wood that replicate the hardware from earlier eras and help your kitchen recapture the vintage look.

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