Solid Brass Oval Knobs

Solid Brass Oval Knobs

We like this knob for its versatility. Install these knobs either horizontally or vertically, and available in a variety of finishes, you can use this knob virtually anywhere! The large size is suitable for doors and drawers, or even spice drawers and jewelry cabinets.

The smooth and elegant look extends beyond style. Although an excellent complement to doors, cabinets, and drawers of all types, the design is comfortable to grab and holds up through long term, regular use.

For getting the right period of classic look in your home, choose from several finishes for a set of brass oval knobs. These knobs are finished by hand in the USA.

K-40 1-1/4" Solid Brass Oval Knob
K-40 K-40 1-1/4" Solid Brass Oval Knob
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Our Price $10.97 - $11.52