Brass Bin Pulls

Cast Brass Bin Pulls

Classic style is created out of traditional craftsmanship with our cast brass bin pulls. Pouring molten brass into a special sand mold is the start of this dependable process. The brass cools down inside the mold, hardening in the process. Then, the mold is broken, with the parts cut off, and the brass is ground, tumbled, and carefully cleaned by hand. The result is a smooth, antique-style cast brass bin pull that can refurbish, modify, or finish a drawer, cabinet, or another kitchen fixture.

Along with the intricate, timeless design of each brass bin is a choice of finishes. To achieve the perfect match, select from light, dark, bright, and antique style finishes while placing an order.

Finished by hand in the USA.

VT-71 Cast Brass Bin Pull
VT-71 VT-71 Cast Brass Bin Pull
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Our Price $13.00 - $18.20