Mackintosh Knobs & Pulls

Inspired by the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and developed with the folks at Crown Point Cabinetry, our newest knob and back plate combination gives your cabinets a little something extra. These new knobs match our entire line of Mackintosh hardware well.

Choose between different styles of pulls; from ring pull, knob, to drop pull, all available in all 7 of our finishes.

Made in the USA.

AD-32 Mackintosh Drop Pull
AD-32 AD-32 Mackintosh Drop Pull
Rating: 0

Our Price $21.25
AD-33 Mackintosh Knob Pull
AD-33 AD-33 Mackintosh Knob Pull
Rating: 5

Our Price $15.97
AD-34 Mackintosh Ring Pull
AD-34 AD-34 Mackintosh Ring Pull
Rating: 0

Our Price $21.25