Oval Ring Pulls

Oval Ring Pulls

Circles and square? yes. How about ovals? Why not! Horton Brasses is proud to introduce a new classic! Oblong and elegant, our oval ring pulls are a twist on an old favorite. When a ring is too round and a square is too, well square, try an oval.

Made for us in England in 2 sizes and 7 finishes, these are solid brass forgings. Try them in a media room, Mom's office, or anywhere your heart desires. We make a a finish for every decor.

All hardware includes all fasteners needed for installation. You can order extra fasteners if required. All dimensions are measured by height. Hardware is available in several different finishes. 70% of our products are sold in the antique finish.

OP-1 Small Oval Ring Pull
OP-1 OP-1 Small Oval Ring Pull
Rating: 5

Our Price $18.97 - $34.97
OP-2 Large Oval Ring Pull
OP-2 OP-2 Large Oval Ring Pull
Rating: 0

Our Price $23.97 - $44.97