Lag Screws

Hand Forged Strap & Pintle Parts

Our carriage bolts have a 1/4" diameter shank and a square, pyramid head. A blackened nut and washer is included with all our carriage bolts.

Lag screws are also a 1/4" diameter with blackened, square pyramid heads. Lags are pointed with wood screw threads.

Why choose one style over another? Installations vary and sometimes special situations apply. Driven pintles are used in stone, masonry or very period restorations. Jamb pintles are mortised into the door jamb and are very common today; as well as simpler to install. Surface mounted pintles can be used anywhere, and are especially valuable for shutters and situations where face mounting is essential.

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LS Lag Screw
CB Carriage Bolt
Products 1 - 2 of 2

All dimensions are measured width by height.

PRT-28, PRT-29, PRT-3, PRT-4
PRT-5, PRT-7, PRT-8
PRT-35, PRT-26