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New Products

These are some of our latest additions. Check back through the weeks, as we'll be putting up new products as they come in.

The Bromford Pulls from Armac Martin

Armac Martin Hardware

Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

With Horton Brasses special order program, you can shop and browse for cabinet and furniture hardware that is unlike anything else. All of the selections here come from our partner Armac Martin in the UK as special order items. They trend towards modern, but are, as always, available in all 7 of our standard finishes.

Armac Martin Bundles

BRW-203, LEE-160, LEE-224, LEE-288, LEE-APP, LEEK-32, LEET-55,

QK-1, SPA-160, SPA-224, SPA-288, SPAK-32, SPAT-55, SPA-APP

Looking for bulk hardware at a discount? Here you will find pre-determined product bundles from our Armac Martin hardware line. These bundles offer the best and lowest prices on Armac hardware anywhere. Each bundle comes in packs of 5 or 10 pieces, with the option to choose from satin or polished nickel finishes.

VK-7 Cuped Handle

Vintage Kitchen Hardware

VK-1, VK-3, VK-5, VK-6, VK-7, VK-8, VK-9, VK-10, VK-11, VK-12, VK-13, VK-14, VK-15, VK-16

VK-17, VK-18

Shop our new solid brass vintage style hardware that are true reproductions from the past. We feature sizes and styles that work beautifully whether you have an historic home or just love the look of one. From our selection of pulls to knobs to card holders, there is sure to be something that will add just the right touch of antiquity to your cabinets, drawers, and other furniture.

Beaulieu Cup Pull

Beaulieu Collection–Transitional Kitchen Hardware

BLC-96, BLC-192, BLP-7, BLP-6, BLP-5, BLP-4, BLP-3, BLP-2, BLP-1, BLKS-2, BLKS-1,


A modern yet timeless collection of transitional solid brass hardware, the Beaulieu pieces will enliven cabinets, doors, and drawers in any setting. The pulls and knobs are designed to work seamlessly together but are just classic enough to be appropriately mixed and matched with other styles as well.

HF-45 Black Iron Chest Lift/Pull

Black Iron Chest Lift/Pull


Our own invention – inspired by the American Arts & Crafts movement. Each of these is hand forged and hammered out by our smith in Tennessee. The black color comes from heat and oil only-no paint-this is the real thing. These pulls feature a forged wire bail-they are extremely strong. The included lags are 3/4" long so nothing will protrude on the inside of your trunk or box.

Chevron Collection

Chevron Collection

2834-A, 2834-B, 2834-C

The Chevron collection comprises three sizes of solid brass ‘v’ shaped forged cabinet pulls that create a retro style reminiscent of 1950’s era. The collection is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications and ideally suited to bedroom and living room furniture.

Cotswold Collection

Cotswold Collection

1685-E, 1685-G, 1685-I

The Cotswold collection is a range of more traditional items that are ideally suited to shaker style kitchens. With three styles of knobs, two styles of drawer pulls, three options of catches and a cabinet pull, the collection offers a lot of diversity when selecting the pieces that you wish to incorporate into your kitchen design.

Kingsheath Collection

Kingsheath Collection

KIN-32, KIN-55, KIN-160, KIN-224, KIN-288, KIN-APP

The Kingsheath collection manufactured from solid-brass has a simplicity in its design that gives a modern look. The collection consists of one size of knob, a t-bar handle, three sizes of cabinet pulls and an appliance pull.

Leebank Pulls

Leebank Collection

LEE-288, LEE-224, LEE-160, LEE-55, LEE-32

A companion set for Sparkbrook. Or perhaps a ‘business associate’ might be a better description given the engineered look created by an iconic diamond knurl? In post industrial revolution Birmingham it was inner city areas like Leebank and Sparkbrook that provided much of the workforce for the factories of Britain’s manufacturing heartland.

Sparkbrook Pulls

Sparkbrook Collection

SPA-288, SPA-224, SPA-160, SPA-55, SPA-32

The addition of a straight knurl effect on what is an otherwise simple utilitarian design creates a hard uncompromising range of industrial style handles, ideal for the current trend for in/out kitchens that incorporate an outdoor element to cooking and dining in the home.

Washwood Collection

Washwood Collection

WAS-K-35, WAS-96, WAS-152, WAS-224, WAS-APP

The Washwood collection offers a classic look suitable for all cabinetry. The collection comprises of a solid-brass knob set on a machine square backplate, three sizes of solid-brass forged pulls and an appliance pull.

Withenshaw Collection

Withenshaw Collection

WITK-32, WITK-38, WIT-96, WIT-192

The Withenshaw collection offers a classic look suitable for shaker styled kitchens. The collection comprises of two solid-brass forged pulls and two solid-brass precision turned cabinet knobs.