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What Should You Consider When Modifying Modern Furniture with Antique Hardware

A predominantly modern home is not limited to modern hardware. Even though many may believe that fastening antique hardware to modern furniture is a fashion faux pas, doing so could actually bring more flare and style to a room. Having said that, modifying modern furniture with antique hardware must be handled with care and certain factors must be considered if the desired affect is to be achieved. Keep reading to find out what factors should be considered when mixing antiques with modern furniture.

Contrast – One of the best ways to integrated antique hardware into a modern style is to create contrasts. If the mix is too subtle, it will look as if the antique hardware doesn't belong; it will look like a mistake that is trying to hide beneath an existing style. Be bold; antique hardware should stand out, especially if it doesn't jive with the rest of the furniture in the room. If the furniture is dark, opt for brass or satin antique hardware. If furniture is light, try going with iron. The more the antique hardware stands out, the more intentional the look will appear.

Accent Pieces – Going bold doesn't mean going large. Antique hardware, when used to stylize modern furniture, should be subtle in size. Where contrast should draw in your attention, the actual size of the hardware should not. The smaller the hardware, the better; less is more. Try not to let the antique hardware compete in size with the original piece it is fastened to.

Match – As confident as some may be mixing and matching different styles, some of us aren't blessed with that skill. When all else fails and contrasting seems to be more of a hassle than it's worth, simply match hardware to an existing color. For example, if hardwood floors display the dominant color, try to match antique hardware with the hardwood floors. Perhaps light-colored walls bring the room to life, try to find satin or brass hardware that matches the walls. In a room where there is no dominant color, simply pick antique hardware that is natural in color. Uniformity brings balance, and balance can make a room look and feel great.

The great thing about re-stylizing a room or home is that the homeowner is not bound by any rules or boundaries. It is good to follow these guidelines when finding antique hardware for a modern room presents a problem; however, you don't need to feel bound by these rules.

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