Chippendale Pulls & Escutcheons (C-602)

Chippendale period antique cabinet pulls are ornately detailed pulls dating from the mid 1700's to the early 1800's. Each pull assembly comes with one back plate, two posts, and one bail, all made of solid brass.

Fasteners are also included with each pull assembly. Chippendale antique cabinet pulls are a confluence of rococo and neoclassical features, deep carvings, angular arches, and latticework, enhanced with floral details. More than 20 styles depict the popular styles of the period, and each Chippendale escutcheon and pull is a beautiful enhancement for drawers, cabinets, and areas of your home.

Horton Brasses' has been making authentic reproductions since 1936. Our extensive line of Chippendale escutcheons and drawer plates keeps period details intact and offer intricacies rarely found in lesser reproductions.

All bails are measured by the boring of the pull they will function with. A 3" bail will fit two posts that are 3" from center to center. Need matching posts? Browse through our posts selection when deciding. If you need help with installation refer to our boring and installation guide.
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C-602SE Chippendale Keyhole Escutcheon
$6.25 - $7.50
C-602S 2-1/4" Chippendale Drawer Pull
$13.00 - $15.60
C-602S 2-1/2" Chippendale Drawer Pull
$13.00 - $15.60
C-602LE Chippendale Keyhole Escutcheon
$6.50 - $7.80
C-602L 2-3/4" Chippendale Drawer Pull
$13.25 - $15.90
C-602L 3" Chippendale Drawer Pull
$13.25 - $15.90
C-602L 3-1/4" Chippendale Drawer Pull
$16.00 - $19.20
Products 1 - 7 of 7