Hammered Mushroom Knobs

We are never content to rest on our laurels and with that in mind we have another new product - iron hammered mushroom knobs. Our newest iron knob comes from England. it is a machined made mode with a hand waxed finish. It matches our other iron hardware well.

The classic style pairs well with hardwood and offers something more - a comfortable grip. The durable iron design of our hammered mushroom knob withstands years of use and is versatile. For a practical and stylish change, add any of these timeless mushroom knobs to the kitchen, bathroom, doors, or other ares of your home.

All hardware includes all fasteners needed for installation. You can order extra fasteners if required.

Our wrought iron is forged by hand in the traditional 18th century manner, blackened only with heat and finished with linseed oil. Naturally, items fabricated traditionally require care and maintenance.

K-16, K-15, K14