Inset Escutcheons

Inset Escutcheons

Inset escutcheons are fitted into a keyhole and then lined with brass. Generally used alone, an inset escutcheon provides the simplest approach to cleaning up the jagged wood styles of a keyhole.

All of the escutcheons shown here are available in your choice of 5 brass finishes. We carry a finish for just about every style out there. Whether it being antique, dark antique, light antique or polished brass to semi bright brass, the possibilities are endless. We also now offer the choice to get any of our oval escutcheons in both of our nickel finishes as a special order item.

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H-39 Cast Brass Inset Escutcheon
$4.97 - $6.49
Products 1 - 2 of 2

All hardware includes all fasteners needed for installation. You can order extra fasteners if required.

All dimensions are measured width by height.

Hardware is available in several different finishes. 70% of our products are ordered in the antique finish.

FE-5, FE-7, FE-8, H-117
H-14, H-25, H-66, RTE-2
H-67, H-67K, H-94, H-94K, H-121, H-121K,
H-509, H-509K, H-552, H-552K