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Iron hardware for doors

Iron Hardware for Doors

Authentic looking knockoffs of iron fixtures can be expensive and poor quality. Many consumers who prefer iron accents will be fooled by the many over-prized yet seemingly authentic iron pieces. Twenty-first century replicas can be so similar to authentic pieces that many will never know that their iron fixtures are in fact illegitimate. If you're looking for beautiful, handcrafted, authentic iron hardware, look no further than Horton Brasses, Inc.

Unlike other companies, Horton Brasses Inc. does not use machinery to pump out iron hardware. Instead of mass producing fake or low-quality pieces, Horton Brasses, Inc. takes pride in handcrafting each piece. Each Iron fixture at Horton Brasses is hand-forged by one of seven blacksmiths. Each blacksmith forges the iron hardware with the help of three tools; a hammer, an anvil, and a coal fire. Every piece of iron hardware is made exactly how iron hardware was made during the colonial era. Horton Brasses, Inc. believes that iron hardware should be beautiful and not distressed; that is why blacksmiths at Horton Brasses, Inc. bevel corners but refrain from hammering or distressing the face of the hardware. When you purchase a piece of iron hardware from Horton Brasses, Inc. you're purchasing a piece that is 100 percent authentic, original and unique.

Not sure if Horton Brasses Inc. has the piece of hardware you're looking for? Horton Brasses offers a variety of hardware including but not limited to door strap hinges, H hinges, HL hinges, pintle strap hinges, suffolk latch sets, suffolk grips, barn door cane bolts, and even gate hooks.

Every piece of hardware from Horton Brasses, Inc. is finished with linseed oil and heated to give ensure a beautiful black shine. All iron pieces are untreated for outdoor conditions; therefore, fixing your hardware outside could result in rust. If you are purchasing a piece of Horton Brasses, Inc. iron hardware for outdoor use, make sure you treat the product accordingly or consult our iron hardware for doors care instructions.

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