William & Mary Teardop Pulls

William & Mary Teardrop Pulls and Escutcheons

These teardrop drawer pulls are beautifully chased with the same patterns used in the 1600's. It is unusual for back plates to match each other exactly, but this particular pattern, an exact copy of an early one, did. Use large drop drawer pulls and small keyhole escutcheons or use small pulls and large keyhole escutcheons. Or use the same size in both places! You will be pleased with the result.

Mixing hardware designs was very common right up until the 20th century. It is only in the last hundred years that consumers began to focus on matching things.

Handmade in the USA.

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H-115 Wiliam & Mary Teardrop Pull
$14.50 - $18.00
H-115E William & Mary Keyhole Escutcheon
$8.75 - $10.50
H-114 William & Mary Teardrop Pull
$14.50 - $18.00
H-114E William & Mary Keyhole Escutcheon
$8.75 - $10.50
H-24 William & Mary Rosette Teardrop Pull
$8.75 - $11.10
H-114X William & Mary Teardrop Pull
$14.50 - $18.00
H-114XE William & Mary Keyhole Escutcheon
$8.75 - $10.50
Products 1 - 7 of 7

All hardware includes all fasteners needed for installation. You can order extra fasteners if required.

All dimensions are measured width by height.

Cotter pin fitting is an early method of fastening hardware and dates back to the 1600s. See installation instructions.

Hardware is available in several different finishes. 70% of our products are sold in the antique finish.

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