Chippendale Hardware

Mid 1700's. Chippendale hardware gets its name from the work of English cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale. His designs are documented thoroughly in his book A Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Directory (1754). Our Chippendale hardware is made to be exact copies of early American originals. We add authentic details to our pulls and knobs, such as beveled edges, post and nut fittings, and cast bails. Although he was English, Chippendale drawer pull designs rapidly spread to the new world, and our patterns are distinctly American in origin.

Chippendale: Handles & Pulls (44 items)

H-34 Chippendale Bail Pulls

H-34 Chippendale Pulls
C-602 Chippendale Bail Pulls

C-602 Chippendale Pulls
Large Chippendale Bail Pulls

Large Chippendale Pulls

Chippendale: Keyhole Escutcheons (10 items)

Desk and Clock Knobs

Keyhole Escutcheons

Chippendale: Knobs (8 items)

Cupboard Knobs and Turns

Solid Brass Cupboard
Knobs and Turns

Chippendale: Parts (14 items)


Solid Brass Posts

Solid Brass Posts