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Best Sellers

These are our top 25 best selling items on our website listed in no particular order.

Classic Kitchen Knobs

Classic Kitchen Knobs
BP-12, K-12

Our classic kitchen knobs are timeless. Twig, turtle, and starfish knobs are great in their place; however, these classic shapes are a pleasure to live with year in and year out. Made from solid brass and hand finished one at a time, they are available in 3 sizes, with the K-12 1-1/4" being our best seller. Both the 1-1/4" and 1" knob are common kitchen sizes and are available in all 7 finishes.

Cup Casters

Cup Casters for Tapered Legs
HG-75, H-74

Casters are available in antique, semi-bright, bright, satin nickel, polished nickel, and dark antique. The photo shows the antique brass finish. Cup casters are used on antique and reproduction tables, chairs and sofas.

Precision Butt Hinges

Precision Butt Hinges
PB-409B, PB-409, PB-407B, PB-407

These are simply the finest butt hinges on the market today. Machined from solid brass extrusions for exceptional precision and heft. The 7 knuckles are fitted with extremely close tolerances, the fixed pin will never loosen, and each leaf is 3/32" thick. For finding the best stylistic match, choose from standard and ball-tip butt hinges, as well as seven finishes ranging from light to nickel to bright.

Desk Interior Knobs

Desk Interior Knobs

These classic little mushroom knobs are used for the pull-outs on desks and secretaries, small drawers, and on bread-board style work surfaces. Solid brass, made in Connecticut, 7 finishes available and very inexpensive!

Sheraton Knobs

Sheraton Knobs
H-30, H-46, H-47

Sheraton knobs are beautiful and have many applications. Use them on dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets, cupboard doors or bathroom vanities. We show them here in antique brass; you may order them in polished brass (bright), semi-bright, or dark antique (oil rubbed bronze).

Rosette Pulls with Round Back Plates

Rosette Pulls with Round Back Plates
H-10FB, H-10, H-10S

Cast brass bails with simple, round back plates. Available in 5 standard finishes with options to have them nickel plated or lacquered. Larger back plates (PRT-11) may be substituted at no additional charge.

Non Mortised Hinge

Non-Mortised Hinge
NM-5, NM-3, NM-7

Our most popular hinge, available in 7 finishes with three different tops. We designed this hinge because our customers asked for an outstanding non-mortise hinge again and again. We believe this is the best non-mortised hinge on the market today.

Bed Hardware

Bed Bolts, Bed Wrench & Bed Irons
BW-3, H-550, H-73

Bed bolts hold the posts and rails of pencil post and other poster beds together. A billet of 3/8" diameter steel is hot forged to create a 3/8" square head with a built-in 15/16" flange.

Bed irons mount on the inside of the rail of a wooden bed and support the box spring. Six standard sizes satisfy most needs, but custom configurations are available.

Brass H Hinges

Brass H Hinges

Exquisite cast brass H hinges in four sizes for flush mounted doors. You find H hinges most often on corner cupboards and entertainment centers. They are the easiest type of hinge to install on flush mount doors.

H and HL Iron Hinges

H & HL Hinges
HF-7, HF-8

H and HL hinges were used on all types of interior doors in colonial homes, and are perfectly suited for closet doors, passage doors, and pantry doors. These are fully handmade in a coal forge. The edges are beveled and the texture and quality of the forge work are very evident. Linseed oil is allowed to penetrate the iron and the resulting color is a natural, dark hue that shows the hand work well.

Bakes Pulls

Bakes Pulls
BB-5, BB-4, BB-3, BB-2, BB-1

With a design created by an English cabinetmaker working in the United States, Bakes pulls are a durable and elegant set of hardware. Appropriate for the kitchen and attractive for many other areas around the home, Bakes pulls are cast in four sizes. The simple, contemporary design blends into a variety of décors, and a comfortable grip makes each piece suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting.

Rosettes with Oval Back Plates

Rosette Pulls with Oval Back Plates
H-31FB, H-31, RT-5, RT-6, H-31S

These lovely Rosette pulls feature oval back plates. Please tell us if your drawer front is curved and we will provide special posts so that your bail will swing freely. There is no extra charge for this service.

Door Strap Hinges

Door Strap Hinges

The ideal length for strap hinges is 2/3rds of the width of the door or more. Many old Connecticut houses have straps that go to within an inch of the other edge! These hinges can be surface mounted or jamb mounted, and instructions and screws for either application come with each order.

Bin Pulls

Bin Pulls
BN-2, BN-3

Mirroring décor and architecture from centuries past and present, bin pulls capture early American colonial, Victorian, Art Deco, and other well-known period styles. Made from solid brass and hand finished in Horton Brasses’ Connecticut factory, bin pulls come with a choice of seven finishes – nickel, un-lacquered polished brass, oil rubbed, and more, all manually applied. A standard-size shape allows this smooth and practical hardware to be installed just about anywhere.

Chippendale Bail Pulls

Chippendale Pulls & Escutcheons (H-34)
H-34S, H-34, H-34SE, H-34E

Horton Brasses' extensive line of Chippendale drawer plates keeps period details intact and offers intricacies rarely found in present architecture and décor. A smooth, elegant handle has a pleasant feel, while the sturdy backplate holds up through years of repeated use.

Hand Forged Latch Set Parts

Hand Forged Latch Set Parts
HF-17, HF-14, HF-LK

Parts for antique furniture hardware. Need the bail only? Or perhaps a ring to a pull? Just a post to attach that bail? No problem. All of the parts to our drawer pulls can be ordered separately, along with finial and knob parts, should you need them.

Butterfly Hinges

Butterfly Hinges
HF-60, HF-12, HF-63

Butterfly hinges, also known as dovetail hinges, are frequently used on corner cupboards, kitchen cabinets, bible boxes, and candle boxes. Our selection offers an attractive assortment of rounded and angular shapes and a choice of sizes. For complementing your cabinet, box, or reproduction furniture with sturdiness,dependability and classic style, include a set of our forged iron butterfly hinges.

Pantry Latches

Pantry Latch
SL-6, SL-4

Our most popular latch, this is a beautiful piece of kitchen hardware. These turn-of-the-century latches were used in butler pantries. The clean, simple shape makes them just as beautiful on country cabinets as they are on contemporary cabinetry. These are available in 7 finishes, including dark antique (oil rubbed), and our newest finish: light antique.

Pintle Strap Hinges

Pintle Strap Hinges
HF-36, HF-35, HF-37, HF-38, HF-40

Long, narrow, wrought iron straps for pintle hinges, these were common in New England. The HF-40 straps we keep in stock fit doors approximately 36" wide and are suitable for interior or exterior applications.

Chippendale Bail Pulls

Chippendale Pulls & Escutcheons (C-602)
C-602S, C-602L, C-602SE, C-602LE

Horton Brasses' extensive line of Chippendale drawer plates keeps period details intact and offers intricacies rarely found in present architecture and décor. A smooth, elegant handle has a pleasant feel, while the sturdy backplate holds up through years of repeated use.

Pyramid Head Screws

Pyramid Head Black Iron Screws
PH-6, PH-7, PH-8

Black, pyramid head, slotted steel wood screws for iron hardware are available in six lengths.

Ring Pulls

Ring Pulls
RP-3, RP-4, RP-5, RP-6

Round ring pulls are available in a wide range of sizes. The small rings can be used on spice drawers in a kitchen or in a media room for CD storage; use the larger ones on doors or drawers throughout a house. We make a finish for every décor.

Pin Style Casters

Pin Style Casters
CA-4, CA-2

Pin style casters for tables and chairs. All of these casters have a press fit shank. This shank should be inserted into a 1/4" hole, and the knurled shank on the CA-2 and the deep wood screw style threads on the CA-4's will grip the hole as the wood expands and contracts.

Mirror and Clock Rosettes

Mirror & Clock Rosettes
H-21, MR-104, H-22

Once strictly relegated to clocks and mirrors, rosettes have evolved into an attractive and practical ornament for furniture and other items, such as trunks, windows, cabinets, and boxes. The elaborate metal trim adds a touch of style over damaged areas, all brass rosettes are crafted with a choice of five hand-applied finishes to match your needs.

Suffolk Latch Sets

Suffolk Latch Sets
HF-17RB, HF-17, HF-14, HF-14RB

Year after year, Molly, and George forge these incredible latch sets and grips. Latch sets have a handle and a thumb piece on one side. The other side has the bar set.