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(PB-409B) 2-1/2" Butt Hinge with Ball Tips

Solid Brass - Available in 5 finishes

There are 3 things to know when purchasing these hinges.

  1. These hinges are sold per pair (2 individual hinges).
  2. They are supplied with matching finished #4-3/4" brass screws and #4-3/4" zinc plated steel pilot screws for installation.
  3. These hinges are sized to fit 3/4" - 1" thick cabinet doors.


  • Height: 2-1/2"
  • Width: 1-1/2" overall
  • Thickness: 3/32"
  • Overall Height: 3" including ball tips
Price Range:   $36.33
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Antique (A) 
Light Antique (LA) 
Dark Antique (DA) 
Semi-Bright (SB) 
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Satin Nickel (SN) 
Polished Nickel (PN) 
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Simply the finest butt hinges on the market today. Machined from solid brass extrusions for exceptional precision and heft. The 7 knuckles are fitted with extremely close tolerances, the fixed pin will never loosen, and each leaf is 3/32" thick. There is no finer cabinet hinge. As good, or better, than hinges costing twice as much.

Horton Brasses' beautiful antique-style hinges are the essential complement to doors, cabinets, and reproduction furniture. For finding the best stylistic match, choose from standard and ball-tip butt hinges, as well as seven finishes ranging from light to antique to bright.

 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 14 Customer Reviews  
Write A Review
   PB-409B review, July 2, 2023  By Robert (Springfield, VA)
Not much to say when the product works as well as these hinges. I initially bought two pairs (they come in pairs) and I used them in my Maple wardrobe I made- for the doors which measure 84” tall by 18” wide and .75” thick. I subsequently bought another pair because after looking at the installation in my bedroom for a few months, I felt that another pair was needed in the center of each door. I now looks more secure or centered - I’m much more comfortable with three hinges per door.

The hinges are beautifully made and the sizes are consistent and this is the perfect hinge for this application. That you Horton for carrying on this manufacturing legacy. I will be getting some more Horton brass in the future. Best wishes.
   could be better, January 7, 2023  By Chris (Minneapolis, MN)(Verified)
Sure, the hinges themselves are very well made. The size of the screws are another matter. Small, short and very tiny. It takes great skill to install these, and I wonder about how well they will hold over the long haul. I will have to look elsewhere for my next commission. Experienced cabinet maker.
   Butt Hinge Review, March 11, 2022  By Eric Nason (Milton, WA)
They worked just as I expected. Great quality and thanks for the matching steel screws, they saved the wear and tear on the brass ones.
   Very well made, July 26, 2020  By Anonymous (Spencerport, NY)
These hinges are the best I’ve use. Well made and therefore easy to install.
   Great Quality, Great Service, December 31, 2018  By Stroker (Arlington, MA)
As a professional cabinet maker, I REALLY appreciate having a resource like Horton Brasses. Their hardware is consistently gorgeous and dependable, my clients are always happy, and I've never regretted a purchase. The prices are entirely reasonable for the quality they deliver. These hinges were yet another order delivered promptly and as promised. (I even had to return the original order for the next hinge size up and they handled that quickly and courteously too.) Beautifully made and finished.

One final point worth mentioning: the "antique" finishes on other vendors' hardware can often range considerably in appearance, consistency, and durability, but I've never had a problem with Horton Brass finishes. Top-quality every time, even the more challenging finishes like antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze.

HB hardware may cost a bit more than other brands, but you get more, and then some. Remember the saying "The stingy man pays the most." Go with HB when you can't afford the time, extra money, or reputation (!!) to mess around with inferior merchandise. These guys deliver top quality every time.
   Top Quality, April 11, 2018  By Stroker Rogovin (Arlington, MA)
"Top quality" is one of those expressions that can be frequently overused,l but in this instance it's spot on. Like pretty much everything I've ordered from Horton Brasses over the years—and that's going back a ways—the materials and workmanship that went into these hinges are of the highest caliber. My clients love them, and that makes me happy. Never had a problem with an order, and this one was no exception. Great product at a great price—what's not to like?
   Quality, May 11, 2017  By Reed W (Burke, VA)
It is nice to know is this age of cheap and inexpensive. that there remains a place concerned with quality craftsmanship and good products. Thank you.
   looks perfect, January 28, 2016  By Anonymous (DSL de Drummond)
quality item and looks great !
Outstanding quality, solid brass hinges. They are very precisely machined and have a superb finish. Horton wraps and ships them with great care,and they offer the correct look for the small period furniture pieces I build.
   Hinges, July 21, 2015  By Anonymous (Lenexa, KS)
Great quality, consistent from order to order. Strong enough for heavy doors. I don't notice sagging on projects completed approximately 7-8 years ago.
   Top Quality - no question, March 16, 2015  By Patrick Leahy (Bethany, CT)
I have purchased hardware from
vendors where what you see is not
what you get. They are poorly made
and have no heft. Horton Brasses
has always delivered high quality
products. These hinges are my go-
to hinge for cabinets I build.
Always top notch.
   Solid Brass Ball Tip Hinge, January 25, 2015  By Anonymous (nb, CA)
Good service, prompt delivery and quality product
   Refreshing, November 11, 2014  By Anonymous (chatsworth, CA)
You folks were so helpful and nice! It's really refreshing to do buisness with people who have old fashioned values. Your hinges are second to none. I will always use your products whenever I can and eager to pass on your company. Thank you so much!
   Great hinges, undersized screws, August 24, 2014  By Anonymous (Durham, NC)
I used these hinges for a set of cherry cabinets. They are fabulous, but the hinges supplied are ridiculously small for the size of the hinges. Nice to have steel screws supplied, but after twisting off three of them (despite pre-drilling) I decided to enlarge the countersink area of the hinge and use larger screws. This worked great.
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